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Ahh …. Where do I begin? You know me and you weren’t always best friends. Started off as acquaintances. The girls I used to hang out with didn’t do anything but sit around, eat, and laugh at dumb shit.✋😂 okay back to the story. When we started high school we got on the same bus, all I knew about you was your name and a few things these girls told me. I never knew you’d be so important to me cuhhh😭😂❤ your my laugh when Im down😂✋😩, your my comfort when I need it👭❤ your my food… when Im hungry 😂😁 Your my BESSS FRANNNN😁👏👭👯 and I love you, your irreplaceable (yoncé voice) 😂you got my back and I definitely got yours 👊😒💥💢 lol I love you best don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING get to you today. Somebody piss you off today we gon get’em 😈 together👏😂 @_cleeopatraa_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST

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